Using Graphics to Grow Your Travel Blog: Everything You Need to Know

grow your travel blog with graphics

When you check out a travel blog online, what’s the one thing that you’re expecting to see?

The pictures. Big, beautiful, jaw-dropping pictures of gorgeous landscapes like oceans and mountain backdrops and classic cities from skyline views. It’s not all that different from how we go to a food blog and expect to see drool-worthy pictures of the blogger’s dinner or latest recipe.

As a result, many travel bloggers focus only on uploading the pictures as they are, and forget about or write off graphics entirely, not realizing the opportunity that they’re missing out in.

Wondering what those opportunities are? In this post, we’re going to look at everything you need to know about graphics for travel blogs and how exactly you can use them to build up your blog.

Why Graphics Matter for Travel Blogs

I’m not saying that those stunning landscape views aren’t important for travel blogs, because of course they are. But graphics can help your blog, too, even if you’re just adding graphic elements to said pictures.

They can:

  • Supplement the need for images, taking some of the pressure off if you don’t have a million photos.
  • Give you images for posts that don’t actually involve travel locations, like those about travel tips, what you’re looking forward to on a new trip, or more. Since images play an important part in SEO, this is crucial.
  • Allow you to create new types of content, like infographics or checklists, that you may not have featured on the blog otherwise but that your audience may love.
  • Be used to create featured images for your blog posts, giving your blog a uniformed and consistent look.
  • Establish more branding consistency, which can yield more brand awareness.

4 Ways to Use Graphics for Travel Blogs 

Wondering how exactly you should be using graphics for your travel blog? We’ve got a few concrete ways to do so, and with drag-and-drop design software like Snappa, they’ll all be quick and easy to put together.

Overlay Graphics on Photographs

If you’ve had an issue with people taking your images and using them elsewhere without permission, you’re not alone. This is really common in many kinds of blogging. Protect your image and promote brand awareness by adding your blog’s graphic logo and/or name onto your images.

travel blog graphics

These logos can be super small and added to a corner of the picture, but that’s still all you need for them to be effective. With tools like Snappa, you can easily upload them to the image, and then adjust size and even the transparency of the logo so it doesn’t distract from the image as a whole. 

Create Infographics to Compile Information

Infographics are a visual way to share information with your audience, and the online world is all about the visual. They’ll do well on your site and on social media. And they are, essentially, big, long graphics.

If you have a checklist for packing, why not turn it into a downloadable infographic that you can use to drive email sign-ups or get more attention to your site? Tortuga Backpacks has an excellent example pictured below. And if you’re interested in writing a post about how to travel safely, why not turn it into an infographic? This will keep your blog’s content diverse and even more interesting.

Snappa has infographic templates that are ready to go but fully customizable, and a store of illustrated graphics and stock photos on hand so that you can quickly create the infographic of your dreams, even if you have zero design talent. Start creating infographics for free!

Place Text on Photographs for Featured Posts

You have two good options for featured posts: creating entirely graphic-only images, or adding text and maybe your logo to high quality photographs to create distinct, stylized images. Most travel blogs will opt for the latter.

travel blog graphics

The reason featured posts are so important isn’t just to create a uniformed look on your actual blog, but to drive clicks to your blog on other platforms. If users see a gorgeous city skyline on Pinterest, they might think that’s all it is, unless you have a title on the image like “ten best city skylines of 2018.” That’s a very different post from their perspective, and they’re more likely to click.

Create a Graphic Summary of Where You’ve Been

Want to do something a little bit different? You can use illustrations and symbols, or even a full infographic featuring small photos to create a graphic summary of where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Use an infographic template like the one shown below, and just swap out the images and text. You can always customize the image further if desired.

You can do this for each trip, showcasing different activities you did or places you went, or just create a graphic showing the total countries and cities visited. This can be used as a quick recap to engage users, and to build credibility as a blogger to show how much you’ve actually seen of the world.

Graphics for Travel Blogs: Tips & Tricks

Graphics can elevate your travel blog, but only if you’re using them well. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind so that they help you as much as possible:

  • Keep it simple. Graphics can get overwhelming quickly if you’re trying to do too much or add too many elements to the page.
  • Start with a design template. If you’re feeling overwhelmed (and even if you aren’t), start with a predesigned template like what we have on Snappa. We have them in a number of different sizes, so you can easily create gorgeous pins, featured blog images, Facebook posts, infographics, and more. And they’ll also be designed to attract viewer’s eyes, giving you an easy starting point.
  • Use them consistently. If you’re going to add your logo or text to some images aside from featured images, add them to all of them. Being consistent with design elements will give you more credibility and your audience will know what to expect.

Final Thoughts

Even though travel blogs are all about those landscape shots, graphics can still elevate those images and your blog. Using them strategically will help you fill your posts with the necessary amount of images, create a consistent look to your blog, and even establish brand recognition in a visual way. Take advantage of all of those opportunities, because if you don’t, another travel blogger will. 

Feeling intimidated by the design software that’s out there? Don’t sweat it– you can save that for your hikes. Start your free trial with Snappa, which uses drag-and-drop technology and has free design templates, stock photos, and graphics for you to use.

What do you think? Do you use graphics for your travel blog? How do you use them to elevate your content? Drop your thoughts and questions in the comments below! 


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