6 Ways to Grow Your Email List Fast

Grow email your email list fast

Most brands are relentlessly pouring all of their energy and resources into social media marketing. They’re hiring specialists and analysts to help them connect with their target audience with videos, images, posts, and perfectly-used memes. A lot of brands put so much energy into their social media marketing that they seriously neglect their email marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is crucial to a large number of brands, regardless of size or industry. It is the tool most valuable in identifying, nurturing, and converting leads. You can send specific, targeted messages to segmented lists of users. This ensures that they’ll be given the messages most relevant to them exactly at the moment they’re most receptive to them. You can even use segmented lists to run social media ads with highly targeted messages.

In order to benefit from email marketing, however, you first need to build your email list. We know that everyone wants to build their email list fast, so we’re going to go over 6 ways to grow your email list quickly.

1. Hold a Social Media Contest

Social media contests are fantastic for a large number of reasons. They can easily go viral (or at least get increased visibility), they automatically offer an incentive for participation, and the UGC and engagement benefits are massive. With the right tools, they also have the ability to grow your email list.

While a ton of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram contests focus on engagement, using contest software can get you actual leads. Contest software like GleamWishpond and Shortstack both allow you to require users enter their emails to enter the contest. This happens through widgets and forms that can be placed or linked to on social media, your site, and your email.

6 ways to grow your email list

Contest software creates landing pages, including Facebook forms, you can use to capture lead information.

Contest software allows users to privately and securely enter their email information. The persuasive incentive of a big prize gives them all the encouragement they need to do so, and you get a lot of attention on your brand in the process. This is an effective and fast-acting strategy.

2. Add CTAs to your Blog

Most brands invest the same amount of time and energy in their content marketing as their social marketing. This is a great thing on its own. It’s even better when you can use your blog to increase the size of your email list.

It’s possible that some users will read an amazing post and go looking for a subscription opt-in box so they never miss a future post. I’ve done it before, after all, and you might have, too. But of all the blogs that you’ve read, how many have you thought to subscribe to on your own?


Placing CTAs- especially clickable CTAs- in your content can grow your email list.

Add CTAs to your blog posts that specifically encourage users to sign up for your newsletter. They should be clickable, and be as easy as possible for readers to use. You can use a combination of incentives and FOMO (fear of missing out) to get a flood of new subscribers.

Some great CTAs you can place in your blog posts include:

  • Want more great content like this? Sign up for your email so you never miss a post/ we can send you our top posts/ we can send you posts like this.
  • Want to learn more about (subject of blog post)? Sign up for our email and get your free ebook!
  • Stay up to date with all the new (subject) news—subscribe here!

3. Ask for Referrals

This is a simple technique for gaining new clients and email subscribers, but an effective one. Encouraging high-value and loyal clients to send you referrals can send you new high-value clients that are already receptive to your message.


Referral programs can introduce you to new relevant high-value leads.

Offering incentives like discounts or freebies can increase the likelihood that clients will submit referrals. To grow your email list quickly, you can feature a referral program where clients can enter their friends’ email addresses. They’ll automatically be sent a message introducing them to your services, and you get new leads that are likely to be relevant to your business.

4. Offer Incentives

Want to build your email list quickly? Offer some incentives in prominent locations. We’ve already touched on this in a few different sections, but it’s important enough to have its own section.

If you want a large number of users to sign up for your email list, you need to answer their biggest question: What’s in it for me? By saying “Sign up for our email list and you get [insert reward here],” users have a reason to act now.


Discounts and free anything can be powerful incentives for users to sign up for your email list.

Common incentives used to build an email list including exclusive discounts, a freebie, or lead magnets like ebooks or white papers. Whatever you offer should be exceptionally high value to your clients. If it can encourage them to purchase or learn more about your business in the process, even better.

5. Facebook’s Lead Ads

If you want to connect with a new audience and expand your reach quickly, social media ads are something to consider. Most types of social ads can be used to funnel users to a landing page, but Facebook’s Lead Ads deserve some extra attention.


Facebook’s Lead Ads lets you ask for all the information you’ll need from leads- including email addresses and questions you can add in yourself.

Facebook’s Lead Ads were designed for mobile usage. When a user clicks on the ad, they’ll be taken to a landing page on Facebook. Facebook will automatically fill out all the information they can for the user (including name, email, and maybe a phone number). Users can approve it and submit it. These ads make it unbelievably easy for users to sign up for your email list, and when combined with lead magnets, they’re extremely powerful.

If you haven’t used Facebook’s Lead Ads before, check out this tutorial demonstrating how to use them here.

6. Have Sign-up Prompts Everywhere

One of the simplest but best ways to build your email list is to have subscription opt-in prompts everywhere. Sometimes, all a user needs is to see the prompt in order to sign-up.

A large number of brands will use pop-up opt-in boxes to guarantee users will see them. Users either have to actively click away, or can enter in their email addresses (placing an incentive here to do so is always a plus).


As long as you don’t start spamming visitors, gently prodding them to sign-up for your email list in as many places as possible increases the likelihood that they will.

Most sites will place opt-in boxes on the side of their sites with widgets and plugins. They may also have entire landing pages designed purely to get users to subscribe to their email list and newsletter.

The more you remind users to sign-up for your email list, the more they’ll see it, and the more likely they’ll take action. If you want to build your email list quickly, make it as easy for users as possible to sign up by giving them plenty of chances to do so.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is one of the most important tools that brands can use to connect with leads and convert them to clients. Building a continually-growing email list to gain new leads can be difficult, but these 6 ways to grow your email list are efficient, easy, and fast.

What do you think? Which ways to grow your email list have you used? What’s been most effective? Let us know in the comments below!

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