The Ultimate Facebook Ad Size Guide

The Best Facebook Ad Size Guide

Facebook Ads have enormous potential for businesses of all sizes. They can drive sales and introduce customers to your brand and create actual demand.

Even if you have a restricted budget, there’s a possibility to get great results at a relatively low cost for whatever ad spend you have available.

When it comes to strong campaigns, there are a few elements you need to consider. You’ll want to ensure that the targeting is on point for the goal you want to accomplish and that the messaging will resonate with your target audience. But that’s not all that matters: the visual component of the ad carries a lot of weight, too.

Here at Snappa, we excel in the visual component department, and we want to help you ensure that every ad campaign you create will maximize your conversions and ROI. In this post, we’re going to look specifically at the ideal Facebook Ad size for each type of ad you can create so that they’re optimized for the audience seeing it.

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21 Practical Facebook Post Ideas All Businesses Should Use

Facebook post ideas

How often does your business post on Facebook?

Some research indicates that posting at least 2x per day, 7 days a week may be ideal for brands with large followings who are trying to pick up steam.

That’s a lot of content. There’s no way getting around it. That’s why so many businesses hire full-time social media marketing teams to keep up.

With a long list of ideas, however, and a strategy in place, it’s more than possible to create a general store of Facebook post ideas on hand for inspiration. These Facebook post ideas can help us to fill out our Pages and create entire editorial calendars. It can even help you generate content for other platforms, too.

In this post, we’ll look at 21 outstanding Facebook post ideas that all businesses can use to fill up their content calendars. [continue reading…]

14 Cool Design Ideas to Customize Your Images

14 Cool Design Ideas to Customize Your Images

Businesses need customized, high-quality images on an almost astonishingly frequent basis. You need covers for ebooks, infographics, featured blog post images, branded images for your site, visuals for email, and what feels like a million different images for multiple different social media platforms. And all need to have cool designs that are visually aesthetic and engaging.

That’s a lot of images, especially considering that many small and medium businesses don’t have a budget to keep a graphic designer on retainer or on staff.

This is where graphic design tools like Snappa come into play. We utilize intuitive drag-and-drop design software that comes with hundreds of stock photos, pre-loaded graphics, gradients, and more. We also have hundreds of completely customizable templates you can use to create professional-quality images in just a few clicks.

Looking for some inspiration, or cool designs that you can customize to make your own quickly? Let’s take a look at 14 different versatile cool designs and templates that we offer for our subscribers. [continue reading…]

The Perfect Facebook Cover Photo Size & Best Practices (2021 Update)

Facebook cover photo size

Facebook cover photos are a perfect example of how social media marketing is different than just regular social media usage. A great personal cover photo can be anything that we think looks great on profile; our business cover photos need to do much more.

A Page’s Facebook cover photo needs to be branded and represent our business. It also must be high-quality and perfectly optimized for display; this means knowing the perfect Facebook cover photo size.

This post is going to take a look at the perfect Facebook cover photo size and best cover photo practices to help your images represent your business exactly how you want. [continue reading…]

How to Create Instagram Video Thumbnails That Attract Views

Instagram Video Thumbnails

Instagram videos are a staple part of marketing on the channel. 5.2 million users watched branded videos on Instagram in Q1 of 2017 alone, and those numbers have almost certainly almost gone up since with the emergence and popularity of video-heavy features like Stories, Reels, and IGTV.

Videos can help you effectively tell a brand story, convey the true value or use case of a product, and show the human elements behind your brand. This is just as true on Instagram as any other platform, and with an engaged audience who is ready to hear what you have to say, investing time into creating more video is a great choice.

While Instagram videos are fortunately pretty simple to create, there are a few tricks that can help you increase performance significantly by attracting more clicks (if needed) and drawing attention. One of those tricks is to create Instagram video thumbnails.

In this post, we’re going to go over how to create Instagram video thumbnails for your content to stop users right in their tracks as they scroll through their feed. [continue reading…]

The Perfect Instagram Story Dimensions (2021 Update)

Instagram story dimensions

Instagram continues to revolutionize the social media realm with its photo and video sharing capabilities. The implementation of the Instagram story is one of the platform’s biggest hits and still remains very relevant with all of the new features being released.

With Instagram stories, you can update your followers on what you’re doing at any given moment. You can post Instagram stories in the form of a short video or a vertical photo, which disappears in 24 hours. You can keep track of who views your Instagram stories and you can even add your story as an IG story highlight to the front of your Instagram profile.

We’re starting to see more and more brands using Instagram stories and we’re here to show you the best Instagram story size, so that your videos and images appear properly on the app.

Here are some of the best practices, along with the perfect Instagram story dimensions to help you create professional and compelling Instagram stories.

Bonus: Create Instagram stories in less than 60 seconds with our free instagram story templates!

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12 New Facebook Page Layout Updates You Need to Know [2021]

new facebook page layout

Facebook is the always-changing, ever-evolving platform that businesses need to be keeping up with, even if it’s a little exhausting. Since Facebook is still one of the most popular places for users to connect with their favorite businesses, you can’t afford to miss any changes.

We’re here to help with that! In this post, we’re going to walk you through the recently-announced new Facebook page experience so you can take advantage of everything there is to offer. Love it or hate it, the new Facebook page layout is here to stay.

In this post, we’ve outlined 12 things you need to know about the new Facebook update. [continue reading…]

21 Amazing Sites With Breathtaking Free Stock Photos (2021 Update)

Free stock photos featured image

Photography has always been an integral part of design. Unfortunately, we’ve grown accustomed to seeing cheesy stock images of people in suits shaking hands. Not only are a lot of these stock photos tacky, but they cost a lot of money.

Thankfully, there’s been a growing number of websites with beautiful stock photography popping up all over the web. Best of all, they’re free!

In this post, we’ve curated a list of awesome websites for free stock photos. [continue reading…]